An Argument Against Building an Identity Around Victimhood

This is a brilliant read, challenging the idea of victimhood and safe spaces.  While those who have suffered (i.e addiction, war, at the hands of prejudice, or a personal attack/rape, etc..)  need support, building a core identity around victimhood could be more damaging than healing. "Real safety and freedom [...] requires systemic support, but it … Continue reading An Argument Against Building an Identity Around Victimhood


Comfortably Numb: A Digital Side Effect

We would love to credit and link to the original creator of this piece, but we do not know who it is. This beautiful animation uses retro animation styles to look at the crisis of principles facing our digital age, creates an amazing work of art. Are we moving through life asleep? Have you ever heard … Continue reading Comfortably Numb: A Digital Side Effect

Beauty Is The Revenge Of The Human Spirit

The Silk Road Project is a musical journey.  Musicians, vocalists, and composers from over 20 countries come together to create a new, international sound.  The ideas behind this project are powerful, it uses the art of music to be a force for good in the world. The clearest reason for music, for culture, is it gives … Continue reading Beauty Is The Revenge Of The Human Spirit

Independent and Critical Thinking: The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

The unexamined life is not worth living. These are the words rumoured to have been uttered by the ancient thinker Socrates while on trial and facing a possible death sentence. This act of examination, of questioning and learning about the world around us, about ourselves, about what it means to be a good person and … Continue reading Independent and Critical Thinking: The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Harbingers of Knowledge and Truth

We are jut starting this collection of links and names that we believe are well worth exploring. They will include organizations, thinkers, scientists, writers, poets and religious figures. New additions can be found on top, with older listings in alphabetical order, by firt name where applicable. WiPhi Wireless Philosophy: Learn about Philosophy with professors from Yale, … Continue reading Harbingers of Knowledge and Truth

The Sacred Within All Things

Here we look at a part of Rumi's poem "God In The Stew" in order to explore the feeling of reverence, as well as some quotes by Carl Sagan. A reading from: God In The Stew By Rumi Anyone who steps into an orchard walks inside the orchard keeper. Millions of love-tents bloom on the … Continue reading The Sacred Within All Things

Asking Questions: Zulu Ritual

The following piece is an interesting read.  A member of an African Tribe describes a traditional ritual, where the killing of a bovine is required. The meat is left in a house for the spirits to eat. However, when morning arrives, nothing appears to be eaten. Important note:  African theology and mythology was often collected … Continue reading Asking Questions: Zulu Ritual

Names of Spirits and Gods

Over time we will share with your our compilation of researched Gods and Spirits, to help people create their own traditions and rituals. We do not believe it matters if people believe in spirits literally or not.  Even if someone is an atheist, having a "patron deity" a symbolic metaphor that encompasses an idea, can … Continue reading Names of Spirits and Gods

The Failure Of Religion

We believe that both secularism and religious institutions are failing us.  They fail to bring peace, to help us relate to each other, to inspire hope, and to create meaning in our lives. Despite its failures, religion does have some important virtues. This blog will focus on religion. The next one will focus on secular … Continue reading The Failure Of Religion