Hello… Is anyone else out there? Does anyone else stand beneath a dark sky, staring into the vast ocean of stars, feeling a nameless aching?

It is hard to understand this burning need. Is it an ache for God? Love? Knowledge? It is certainly a need for something more, for something lost.

For Wisdom. For a deep sense of connectedness. For profundity.

It is an ache that the undeniable truths of the scientific method cannot soothe; That religion fails to ease.

Glimpsing wisdom and beauty in religion, the search started there, but a period of devout contemplation left only a sense of betrayal. It felt insincere, hypocritical and self-serving. The wonders of science became the next path of reverent knowledge.  Yet, so much was untouched and so many depths could not be explored through mathematics and experimentation.

Thequendo was born of a 20-year search to feed a yearning that reached into the very depths of being.

God In Search Of Self

Theos – A greek root word meaning “God” or “Divinity”.
Quaerere – A Latin root word meaning “Seek”.
Endo – A Greek root word meaning “within”.


Thequendo is about using critical thinking to explore wisdom, truth and passion. The discoveries of our deep and careful searching and turning that knowledge from something we know, and weaving it into our being, so it because who we are. It is an independent journey about creating profound and transformative moments.
A dedication to Practical Wisdom and the Love Ethic to keep this journey rooted in decency and virtue.

It is about finding something more.