Random Acts of Kindness

The power of random acts of kindness to spread optimism and joy is immense. We do our best to do one random act of kindness a day.

Share with us your random acts of kindness and we will post them anonymously: Thuquendo@gmail.com

“This Is Victor” How starting a conversation sparked a series of actions that changed a homeless man’s life.

It was a windy day. Chased someone’s hat down the street until I caught it. Wow, it was harder than I thought, but once I started it felt weird to give up.  They were super happy and embarrassed! 😀

Was in the elevator and heard the security guard complaining to another staff person about his job. Seemed like a nice person having a hard day. Went down to the local coffee shop and got a gift certificate for a couple of coffees.  He said no one ever did that for him before.

We were at a piano recital for a very talented young man. We overheard a young lady telling her friends that she was short $5 to buy a CD.   No one seemed to have cash, they were pulling out bits of change from their pocket and purses.  We approached the young lady and gave her $5 towards her CD purchase.  The lady was grateful and stunned.  Best $5 we’ve parted from in a long time.

Signed in a stranger under my gym membership so he could use the place as my guest and not spend $10 for one time use. He hugged me.

Baked some cookies and left a wrapped package of cookies in my neighbor’s mailbox.

I’ve been using the same dry cleaner for years. Nice lady, really like her. On Valentine’s Day I gave her a thank you card. She got misty eyed.


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