Names of Spirits and Gods

Over time we will share with your our compilation of researched Gods and Spirits, to help people create their own traditions and rituals.

We do not believe it matters if people believe in spirits literally or not.  Even if someone is an atheist, having a “patron deity” a symbolic metaphor that encompasses an idea, can help us in our meditations, and work through our thoughts.

Important note:  African theology and mythology was often collected by white colonists. As such, the information provided may not have entirely kept the true spirit of these traditions. However, this is the material that we have, so we encourage readers to take this information with a grain of salt.

Origins: African. Zulu.
The ultimate creator. The name translates to “old-old-one” or “most ancient one”. It was said by the Zulu that they did not know this being, it is lost to memory, all knowledge of him is lost, nothing is known Unukulunkulu’s deeds. He is often referred to as a person. Unkulunkulu is the first man, an ancestor, and was the creator. This mirrors Hindu tradition in relation to Krishna and Hari. In the beginning, Unkulunkulu “broke off”, from some sort of eternal and/or pre-existent being or material.  In its act of breaking off, Unkulunkulu became the means of breaking off all other things. The term the Zulu used for “breaking off” in this context is also used when describing the division of small tribes from larger ones, or if a village has become large, and the eldest son leaves the paternal kraal, and commences a new centre.

Origins: African. Zulu.
Spirit of the dead. The disembodied soul.

Origins: African. Zulu.
Universal Spirit ALL that ever was, is, or ever shall be. All power, all wisdom, all substance is of It and It is in them and manifest through them, but is above them and beyond them, eternally unmanifest.


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