The Joy Of Life

The Many Wines


Every object, every being
is a jar full of delight.

Be a connoisseur
and taste with caution

Embrace the world joyfully.  Push beyond what you find comfortable and familiar. Make friends eagerly. Learn about different cultures. Try different foods.  Read different genres of books, explore the world of art, music and theater. If you can, travel. Learn about history, math, science, anthropology, psychology and all the many other braches of knowledge.  Marvel at the universe. Explore your sexuality. Learn about other people’s ideas on gender identity.  Try a new sport, learn a new skill.

Seek new experiences, new knowledge, new perspectives. Be curious.

You don’t have to be an expert on everything, you don’t have to love everything you come across.  However, don’t let initial dislike stop you – if you can’t connect to the work of Van Gough perhaps the works of Leslie Ditto or Robert Pejman will awaken wonder in you. Open yourself to a wide range of knowledge and experiences beyond the things that naturally draw you to them.  Give new things a chance.

However, be careful.  The world is an awe-inspiring and beautiful place, but there are dangers as well. In your path of exploration, avoid the dangers of addiction, arrogance, harm to others and self-harm. Use practical wisdom to guide you.


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